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Who We Are

SINAK is a concrete chemical manufacturer that specializes in sustainable building materials that are environmentally friendly, easy to apply, and ultimately, save our customers time and money. Our team is dedicated to excellent customer service and going above and beyond for our clients. SINAK products are guaranteed to simplify the project and extend the life of your concrete for decades.


SINAK’s commitment to environmental responsibility has been a part of our company’s culture from the very beginning. With zero VOCs and the highest performance criteria in the industry, our projects consistently outperform and outlast the competition on LEED points and sustainability.

Sustainable Concrete Technology

We have revolutionized curing and sealing technology to create products that eliminate waste and extend the life of the concrete for decades. Plus, our products are permanent and do not require reapplication or maintenance. We believe that this commitment to sustainability in our infrastructure will make a significant impact on our society and the world at large.

Economical Concrete Products

The math is simple. Our products take a fraction of the time to apply and don’t require maintenance. We focus on the totality of each project and partner with our clients to protect their investments by reducing labor costs and shaving weeks off of the construction schedule.