Sinak VC-5 5 Gallon Bucket

Build Something Better

Are you a contractor looking to cut labor costs? An architect tasked with designing a sustainable project? Or maybe you’re a developer who’s sick of costly remediation year to year and simply wants something that lasts? At SINAK we’re here to help you “Build Something Better.”

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Vapor Control

SINAK has developed a solution that permanently protects finished flooring from all moisture related failures. VC-5 is proven to eliminate costly construction delays from moisture remediation and provides long term protection for all finished flooring and roofing systems. The 20 Year VC-5 floor replacement warranty covers labor, materials and adhesive bond. VC-5 allows for any flooring, coating, or roofing installation 7 days after concrete placement.
VC-5 is designed to replace all curing methods and Moisture Vapor Emission control systems while offering rapid slab access for accelerated construction schedules.

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Curing Agents

SINAK has been at the cutting edge of the concrete curing industry with established results for more than 40 years. This innovation has continued through the development of a family of curing agents that have been tested and proven to equal the performance of a 28-day water cure. These products chemically replicate water cure results and eliminate the need for all curing blankets, poly, and curing compounds.

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SINAK’s family of sealers offers a solution for every project. Our permanent, penetrating sealers are formulated to waterproof, protect, and preserve concrete even in the most adverse environments. Our topical sealers are specially designed for a matte or high sheen finish to protect concrete from heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

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Hardeners & Densifiers

SINAK offers the latest advancement in lithium technology to densify, harden, and dust-proof new and existing concrete. LithoHard allows for early application to concrete in as little as five days after concrete placement. The environmentally friendly formula eliminates scrubbing, rinsing, and costly disposal of caustic wastewater.

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